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WirtgenHM 4500Hot recyclers

1. Wirtgen HM 4500 Hot recyclers

Key figures Heating width 3,000-4,500mm Heating surface 44.64m2 Radiators infrared ……

WirtgenRX 4500Hot recyclers

2. Wirtgen RX 4500 Hot recyclers

Key figures Working width 3,000-4,500mm Working depth 0-60mm Engine power 240kW/326PS ……

WirtgenRemixer 4500hot recyclers

3. Wirtgen Remixer 4500 hot recyclers

Hot recycler for large-scale rehabilitation of bituminous bound road pavements. The recycler's working width is continuously adjustable both for taking in and placing the pavement material recycled with binding agents and virgin mix.……

WirtgenHM 4500hot recyclers

4. Wirtgen HM 4500 hot recyclers

Panel heating machine for replasticizing bituminous road pavements to be recycled by the Remixer 4500. The machine's heating power is adjustable to ensure gentle heating of the pavement layers. The heating width can be adjusted in small inc……


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