Company Profile

Founded in December 2002 with the approval of the State Council, HYDROCHINA’s predecessor was the Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Bureau (Institute), which was the agency with the responsibility for water resources and hydropower planning, development and construction. Before the establishment of Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA), HYDROCHINA was a central enterprise directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is mainly engaged in the survey, design, consultation, supervision, review, evaluation and security identification, completion acceptance, construction, project management, general contracting and related technology and intermediary business of power generation projects such as hydropower and new energy, as well as river (river reach) hydropower planning; business such as development, investment, operation and management of hydropower projects, new energy and related industries.

After the establishment of POWERCHINA in 2011, HYDROCHINA has undergone many reforms and reorganizations. It is under management of POWERCHINA as a secondary enterprise, and is now an important subsidiary of POWERCHINA, which leads renewable energy investment business and strategic emerging businesses such as water affairs and environment. It is also the holder, maintenance and management of HYDROCHINA brand, adhering to the development concept of "Penetrating into high-end markets, giving priority to planning, taking the lead in technologies and facilitating projects through financing". With global marketing capability, product supply capability, technical service and financing capability, its business covers all fields of new energy and infrastructure such as hydropower, wind power and solar energy, and is a global leader in renewable energy development.

Investment Profile

The company is mainly engaged in investment and development of wind power, hydropower and photovoltaic power generation as well as other renewable energy projects at the moment. By the end of 2020, totally 25 projects with installed capacity of 1453.4 MW had been put into operation, which include 16 wind power projects with installed capacity of 1420.1MW, 3 hydropower projects with installed capacity of 279.8MW, 5 photovoltaic power project with installed capacity of 113MW and 1 Photothermal project with installed capacity of 30MW, as well as 6 projects under construction (in preparation) with installed capacity of 366MW, 4 projects with installed capacity of 620MW have been approved. In addition to aforesaid projects, the scale of market resources already acquired or followed up by the company has exceeded 10,000MW, and it has been actively carrying out preliminary works of those projects with development rights. HYDROCHINA has also invested wind power plant projects in Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

Contracted Projects Overseas

HYDROCHINA has successfully completed wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, water environment projects in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Algeria, Cuba and other countries. Among them, Adama Wind Power Project 1 in Ethiopia was personally introduced by President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Industry in December 2015, which brought clean energy to Africa.The Sachel Wind Power Project in Pakistan has played a key role in promoting the development of the Belt and Road economies.

The Delsi Hydropower Station in Ecuador and the Dasher Kandi Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Bangladesh are both in progress. The Dasher Kandi Sewage Treatment Plant Project is the largest sewage treatment plant in South Asia by far. President Xi Jinping personally witnessed the signing of the loan contract agreement for this project during his visit to Bangladesh in October 2016.

Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

In June 2016, HYDROCHINA Electric Power Operation and Technology Co., Limited (Hydropower Operation) was established a wholly-owned power operation and technology agency of HYDROCHINA. Relying on the power operation agency as a platform, HYDROCHINA provides maintenance service for overseas new energy projects. While striving to create new core competitiveness and economic growth points, the company makes great efforts to promote the competitive capacity of whole industry chain for POWERCHINA’s international market. Until now, Hydropower Operation has provided operation service for more than 36 projects with a total install capacity of more than 2003.9MW, including 5 overseas wind power plant projects with a total installed capacity of 306MW, and 31 domestic projects with a total installed capacity of 1697.9MW, covering wind power plant, hydropower plant, Photovoltaic plant and solar thermal, etc.The installed capacity of the power plants operated has increased more than 200% since establishment.

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